About SpaDolly

Complete SpaDolly System

The Complete SpaDolly System with the trailer, SpaJack, and SpaKart.

Thank you for your interest in our Spa Handling Products. We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with information about them.

BCI Manufacturing is located in Southwest Kansas. We design and manufacture simple, straight-ahead products to meet specific standards of performance and durability. We began operations in 1993, introducing our Pocket Paddle water retention tool for the agricultural industry.

Our SpaDolly Spa Handling System has set the standard for Spa Handling Equipment since its inception in 1994. This group of products greatly simplifies the process of maneuvering and transporting spas and hot tubs. The complete system includes the SpaDolly Trailer, the SpaKart, the SpaJack, plus accessories. The new Model H features our latest refinements while honoring the basic concepts that have made the SpaDolly a one of a kind product.

Our SpaWedge greatly expands the opportunities for one person to manipulate heavy spas and hot tubs. Following its introduction in the Fall of 2002, it has taken its occasion to prove itself in the field and has done so with flying colors. The SpaWedgeâ„¢ facilitates laying a spa down from its edge and standing it up so it sits on edge.


Our expanded offering of Optional Accessories will increase the versatility of the products they are designed to compliment.

We will strive to expand on our tradition of innovation by exploring new ideas for the future.

Good luck, out there, and thanks again.